MARCHA Statement on Acts of Violence and Hate in Charlottesville, VA

08/15/2017 – MARCHA, Methodist Associated Representing the Cause of Hispanic Americans, condemns the senseless violence displayed in recent days in Charlottesville VA and that is erupting in other locations throughout the US. We mourn the death of a young woman and two police officers in VA, stands in solidarity with their families, and pray for the many injured in this despicable act of hate.

As Christians, we denounce all acts of violence, discrimination and hate. As Hispanic/Latinx we are alarmed and concerned by the increase of white supremacist, neo-Nazis and alt-right groups that promote hate and violence against people of color and other social and religious minorities in the US. Racism, whether it manifests through hateful words or violent acts, is a sin and a destructive force in society. 

We call on president Donald Trump and other political leaders to clearly and on unequivocal terms condemn all racist and nationalist groups and work in making our nation a safe and inclusive society where all persons are accepted as God’s children and valued for their positive contributions.

We call all United Methodists and all people of good will to; stand in resistance against the demons of white supremacy and racism; denounce any hateful act in their own communities, whether they be in words or deeds, and clearly proclaim the all-encompassing love of God incarnated in Jesus Christ.

Internet: / Facebook & Twitter: @MARCHAUmc / #TodosSomosMARCHA

Contact: Bishop Elias Galván, Executive Director (


  1. Michael Rivas says:

    Great statement. We are in a deep crisis and we must resist in word and deed as the statement says. Thank you MARCHA leadership for showing the way right after a wonderful and substantive Assembly. Adelante. SI SE PUEDE!!!

  2. Bill Nelson says:

    Also against demons of black hatred. Black Lives Matter marched in MN. carrying signs stating ” Roast Pigs in a Blanket” referring to police officers of all color.

  3. This is a human rights issue, and a civil rights issue. We, as Christians, must always support civil and human rights. Discrimination has no place, whatsoever, in any church that calls themselves Christian. This includes discrimination against our LBGTQAI sisters and brothers.
    Most main line Christian Churches are non discriminatory, and are reconciling or affirming churches, and the UMC must join them, as Christ would beg us to do.

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