MARCHA 2016: Call to Action, Mobilizing for Voting in the 2016 US Elections

MARCHA (Methodist Associated to Represent the Cause of Hispanic Americans) acknowledges our call and responsibility to do good, do no harm and to stay in love with God.  Amidst our theological/political differences, we hold to these Methodist principles and denounce, condemn and take action against anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, anti-Hispanic/Latino/a rhetoric. In the present political climate, some candidates have based their presidential/political campaigns on fear by criminalizing and dehumanizing documented and undocumented persons. The hateful ideology proclaimed by these persons seeks to silence the voices and invalidate the humanity of those that are at the social/political/economic margins.

WHEREAS: The vision of MARCHA is to function as a vehicle that advocates on behalf of the Hispanic/Latino/a community ensuring that the contributions and cultural values of the Hispanic community are embraced and celebrated in the UMC and society.

WHEREAS: MARCHA asserts through its ministry a commitment to advocate for the dignity of the Hispanic/Latino/a communities within and outside of the Church.

 WHEREAS: MARCHA has called for solidarity with Latin American and Caribbean churches and communities as well as working in collaboration with other ethnic caucuses and other denominations

WHEREAS: We believe in the sacred worth of all life because all creation is divine creation and because we are made in the image of God, our creator

WHEREAS:  During the 2012 US Presidential election, only 48% of Hispanic/Latino voters exercised their right to vote


That, as a Church who believes in a God who lived in the peripheries of society and knew what it was like to flee as a refugee due to heinous threats, violence, and murder, we remember our call to stand with the least of our sisters and brothers that Jesus Christ directly identifies with.

Be it Further Resolved

That, we as MARCHA, denounce xenophobia, racism, classism, and any other rhetoric and/or propaganda against the Hispanic/Latino community.

Be it Further Resolved

That, we call on the members of MARCHA that are registered to exercise their constitutional right to vote in the upcoming presidential/congressional elections in November and use your vote consciously. We also urge those that have not yet registered, and are eligible, to do so diligently.

Be it Further Resolved

That, we call on Hispanic UMC churches to organize their congregations and communities for social action, through grassroots organizing, immigration workshops, vigils, trainings, voter registration drives and/or other means to educate and counter the hatred manifesting in the political arena towards the Hispanic/Latino communities.

Presented by MARCHA Youth and MARCHA’s Consejo Directivo.

Approved by the Assembly as presented, August 7, 2016


  1. Amen. Santidad social incluye, envolví miento responsable en el proceso eleccionario.

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