MARCHA 2017 Youth Workshop & Scholarship

Teacher standing with students in classroom

As part of the 2017 Assembly MARCHA is offering a leadership development workshop specifically designed for youth attending the Annual Meeting. The goal of the workshop is to help youth develop skills and knowledge to make them more effective in their own ministry in their local churches and in their communities. The 2017 workshop follows the general theme of Holiness as Spiritual Discipline and connect with MARCHA’s role of advocacy on behalf of El Pueblo Hispano/Latino.

The Youth workshop begins at 8:30 am on Wednesday August 9 and is followed by the MARCHA Assembly that begins at 7 pm on Thursday August 10 and concludes on Sunday August 13 at noon. Participants receiving a scholarship are expected to be present and participate in all scheduled activities. Youth and young adults from ages 18 to 30 are welcome to apply.

MARCHA is providing 3 scholarships for young persons in each of the five Jurisdiction and 3 from the Church of Puerto Rico. These scholarships will include airfare, lodging, per diem, and cost of registration but each persons selected to receive the scholarship is asked to contribute $250 from their own resources or raised locally (you may encourage your local congregation, District, or Annual conference to contribute). To be considered for this scholarship please fill the application bellow and ask your pastor to fill the Pastor Recommendation form.

Step 1: Fill application below.

Step 2: Have your pastor complete the Pastor Recommendation form. (Share this link with him/her).



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