MARCHA’s Post Election Statement: “One Pueblo Building Bridges”



Just a few days after the election of the new President of the United States, we have witnessed a number of disturbing incidents. A Hispanic / Latino child born in New Jersey and barely 6 years old was harassed at school by his classmates when asked, “When are you leaving for your country?” In Tennessee some of our general agencies staff and their families have experienced intimidation in their neighborhoods.  In Texas, a woman was walking her baby through the park and a truck driver passed by her loudly shouting “White Power.” An undocumented worker in New York was denied payment for two weeks of work by his employer worth $600, because soon he was going to be deported. Young Hispanic / Latino Methodists from the North Carolina Conference participating on the Pilgrimage 2016 youth event were harassed by other participants with un-welcoming statements and after expressing their discontent they were reproached and blamed for what happened. Also, various Hispanic/Latino congregations in our denomination have reported an increase in hostility and lack of compassion for our people. All of these cases join the more than 437 incidents of bullying and intimidation reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center. More than 30% of these were directed towards the immigrant community, and the largest number of cases are occurring in primary and secondary schools. As Christians and United Methodists, we cannot ignore this matter.

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MARCHA Statement on Recent and Ongoing ICE Raids

central-america-child-migrants.png1/20/2016 – MARCHA, the official Hispanic Latino caucus in the United Methodist Church, protests the cruel and unjust raids that are being carried out by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency that are targeting, mostly, children and women who arrived in the US fearing for their lives due to the extreme violence that has become endemic in the Central American nations. Raids, held many times, in the middle of the night that not only terrorize children and families that are already traumatized, but also separates families and places those being deported in an incredible danger as they are returned to the horrific situations that they left.

As Christians who are commanded by our scriptures to “love justice and practice kindness” (Micah 6:8) and to protect the estranger in our midst (Exodus 22:21), we cannot remain silent in the face of such injustice and call on President Obama to immediately stop these deportation raids. We also call on all our United Methodist sisters and brothers and all people of faith to join us in opposing these unjust and dangerous actions carried out by ICE.

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