Global Ministries Racial-Ethnic Local Church Grants Available

The General Board of Global Ministries provides grants to foster the development and strengthen the witness and ministry of racial-ethnic local churches in the United States.
Funds are provided to assist local congregations and annual conferences with projects and programs on one of the four focus areas: 1) Leadership Development; 2) Church Growth and Development; 3) Ministry with the Poor, and 3) Health Ministries.

Grants may be awarded for projects that focus on Leadership Development, that provide contextually appropriate training programs and resources for emerging racial-ethnic leaders, and training programs and opportunities that develop children, youth and young adults in racial-ethnic churches.

Grants may be awarded for projects that focus on Church Growth and Development; projects focused on the development of racial-ethnic new church starts and congregations, the revitalization of existing and emerging racial-ethnic congregations, and the development and resourcing of multi-cultural congregations and ministries.

Grants may also be awarded to provide partial salary support for racial-ethnic pastors in racial-ethnic local churches and/or racial-ethnic pastoral leadership involved in the development and strengthening of racial-ethnic congregations.

Grants are awarded twice a year. Applications must be received by Global Ministries’ staff by January 15th for grants that will be awarded in the Spring; or by July 15th for grants that will be awarded in the Fall of each year.

To request an application form, send an email to:
The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Frazier
Global Mission Connections
U. S. Regional Office
(T): 615-324-0159

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