GBHEM Seeking Loans & Scholarships Program Coordinator


Position DescriptionGeneral Agencies of the United Methodist Church  GBHEM
Position Title:    Loans & Scholarships Program Coordinator    Level:
Reports To (Title):   Loan & Scholarship Program Manager Department: Loans & Scholarships Date:    August 13, 2015


Basic Purpose:[Refer to PDQ, page 1]This section describes the position’s basic purpose or mission.
Provides assistance to Loan and Scholarship program manager in administering the loan/scholarship program process. Utilizes multiple computer programs to enter and review data to process loan applications and provide customer assistance regarding status of loan/scholarships in process, and repayment. Utilizes several databases to compile reports for daily function of the office.  Works collaboratively with manager on assigned interoffice projects as needed.


Essential Job Functions:  [Refer to PDQ, page 1]This section describes up to six major elements of the job, listed in order of importance.  The description includes what is done, why it is done and an estimate of the total working time the incumbent spends on each task.
Essential Job Function % of Time
1. Answer’s phone and emails as back-up to team when not available. Responds to emails as needed from applications 5%
2. Responsible for processing  loan applications for review daily to include preparing all reports on daily basis, responsible for ensuring data is correct and that all information needed for team members to process risk assessments is available.  Assistant is back up as needed 20%
3. Process loan applications for risk assessments for review and reviews loan pending files to assist customers in completing application correctly, sends updated forms, assist with completing loan process 15%
4. Responsible for retrieving reports from ISTS system daily and posting on drive for all to access as needed. 5%
5. Responsible for reviewing acceptance report against the Status update report to accurately report student’s loan status. And send ISTS reports weekly to notify Promissory note received, loan approval status and check update. 15%
6. Responsible for processing and mailing loan checks and maintain reports that document transaction. Process vendor checks monthly. 10%
7. Assist loan and scholarship applicants with completing application process to include all references required and process and review approval packets includes all required documents with assistance from team members 10%
8. Responsible for making sure loan application process is streamlined and maintains all reports for loan application processing, responsible for notifying supervisor of system issues that affect the application processing for applicants or staff. 5%
9. Performs initial contact to all loan applications to counsel on loan terms each semester, assist students and parents with repayment options and questions. Team members assist during peak times 10%
10 Responsible for creating and monitoring the web presence for the office (, L&S newsletter, etc.) on a monthly basis. 5%


Major Accountabilities:  [Refer to PDQ, page 7]This section describes the major accountabilities for the position.  An accountability statement has a “bottom-line” orientation that often will encompass several essential job functions as listed above.
1. Ability to utilize data in different reports quickly and efficiently and able analyze reports and correct  inaccuracies in a timely manner
2. Ability to exemplify time managements skills and ability to multi-task during peak periods
3. Competent, courteous assistance is provided to all constituents.


Job Standards:  [Refer to PDQ, page 2]This section describes the minimum knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the essential job functions.
Job StandardsWhat are minimum qualifications needed to perform the essential job functions? Computer knowledge: (Excel, Access, Word Merge, Outlook) strong excel skills; ability to communicate effectively orally, by phone, in person and in writing. Attention to detail is a must; strong analytical skills a plus,  ability to work well in team enviroment; ability to work with all levels of consitutents in a professional manner. Able to organize work effectively, conceptualize and prioritize objectives and exercise independent judgment based on understanding of organizational policies.Knowledge of  student financial aid terminology for student loans/ scholarships.
EducationWhat is the minimum level of formal education required? Bachelor’s degree preferred. business administration, accounting or student financial aid environment
Other Specialized KnowledgeWhat other training and/or certification are necessary? customer service, financial aid, some marketing experience  Fluency in Spanish highly preferred
ExperienceWhat kind and how much previous experience are needed? 2-3 Banking, Finance, Financial aid
Learning PeriodHow long would it take a new employee to learn the job? 6 months – one year


4. Assist with keeping procedures  within audit compliance


Position Requirements
Complexity of Job:  [Refer to PDQ, page 2]This section describes the breadth and scope of the job in terms of the processes involved.
Varied duties within a limited field; may include different/unrelated processes; may include operation of moderately complex equipment.
Responsibility for Supervision:  [Refer to PDQ, page 3]This section describes the number and job titles of positions that report to the incumbent, either directly or indirectly.  It also describes the extent to which incumbents have responsibility for these subordinates.
Contacts and Work Relationships:  [Refer to PDQ, page 4]This section describes the individuals and / or organizations with which the incumbent regularly interacts, as well as the frequency and nature of that contact.
Daily contact by phone, email and fax with students, parents, pastors, school registrars, & financial aid personnel and board membersRequires ability to communicate effectively and obtain cooperation.  Includes both obtaining and furnishing information – responds to a range of service contacts with constituents/customers
Communication Skills:  [Refer to PDQ, pages 4-5]This section describes the type of communication required, including the various mediums (e.g., written, verbal, presentation, etc.)
Students/Cosigners/Parents/References: daily by phone, fax and email inquiring status of application, check disbursement of repayment or scholarship award paymentsAll Church constituents; daily by phone, fax, email for loan and scholarship programsRequired ability to communicate effectively and obtain cooperation with all customers
Problem Solving:  [Refer to PDQ, page 5]This section describes the incumbent’s requirement to identify and develop solutions to problems, as well as the complexity of the problems.
Strong analysis and detail in dealing with problems.Problem: Upset applicant or parent callsSolution: Listen to the caller and then inform what is missing in order to complete process, verification of enrollment, Church membership.


Innovation:  [Refer to PDQ, page 6]This section describes the amount and type of innovation required in the job.
Responsible for working within established procedures. Relies on supervisor for any unusual issues.
Scope of Role  [Refer to PDQ, page 6]This section describes the scope and impact of the position within the agency
Impact upon mission and key results are closely controlled by work procedures and standards


Technical and Physical Requirements:  [Refer to PDQ, page 7]This section describes the job’s requirements for operating office equipment, working in conditions that may cause discomfort and exerting physical effort.
Types of Office Equipment Operated % of Time






Working Conditions % of Time
The work area is adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated.  Involves everyday risks or discomforts which require normal safety precautions typical of such places as offices, meeting & training rooms, e.g. use of safe work practices with office equipment, avoidance of trips and falls, observance of fire regulations, etc. 100%
Physical Requirements % of Time
Light liftingTalking on telephoneStationary working at a computer terminal or keyboard Travel Once week1-2 hr5-6 hr0%


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