JOB POSTING: UMCom seeking an Executive Assistant to the General Secretary


United Methodist Communications / General Secretary’s Office / General Administration


Position Title:  Executive Assistant to the General Secretary


Basic Purpose:  We are seeking a candidate with a strong sense of dedication to the work of United Methodist Communications and the Church. This person will independently provide advanced, diversified and

confidential executive administrative support requiring broad experience, skills and knowledge of the agency operations, policies and practices. This person manages and coordinates the functions of the General

Secretary’s office. Manages administrative services, projects and overall daily functions for the office of the General Secretary. Serves as principal liaison for the General Secretary to the General Commission on

Communication (GCOC), the Council of Bishops, the Connectional Table, the General Secretaries Table, other church and secular leaders, and UMCom staff, to ensure a smooth transaction of business activities for

the General Secretary’s office.

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CFNA Seeks a Concur Travel and Expense Specialist

Position Posting

General Council on Finance and Administration

Position Title: Concur Travel and Expense Specialist Level: Grade 10 Non-Exempt
Reports To (Title):  Travel and Meeting Planning Manager Department: Travel and Meeting Planning Date: 4/24/2015
Basic Purpose:
The primary purpose of this position is to serve as the administrator for the Concur Travel and Expense system. The Concur Specialist will be responsible for implementing, training, and troubleshooting Concur software for GCFA, other General Agencies, and Annual Conferences.  This position is responsible for reconciling the Travel and Meeting Department’s meeting expenses on a weekly basis. Primary responsibilities include customer support throughout the UMC organization among diverse levels of employees. Auditing of expense reports. Strategizing and implementing new Agencies on Concur Expense. Training the UMC community on the Concur software, to include but not limited to prepare and submit expense reports. Updating Concur master data as needed, processing and billing out expenses incurred in the Meeting and Travel Department as well as serving as the billing administrator for Concur internally for entire staff. Ability to understand and uphold the policies set forth in UMC’s Travel Policy and the Corporate Card Policy is essential. The ability to maintain confidentiality of employee information is required. The ideal candidate will be a person with strong interpersonal skills and a positive attitude who takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service. The position requires solid Concur web-based system experience.
Essential Job Functions:
Essential Job Function
1 Process enrollments of new Concur Travel and Expense system users along with timely update of the system for personnel changes.  Manage and timely resolve inquiries on travel and expense report payment policies, procedures, and practices.  Monitor performance of Concur system, communicate any issues to Concur’s technical support team as well as the Travel and Meeting Manager, and partner with Concur until issues are resolved.  Serve as the main point of contact between the GCFA and all users enrolled in Concur Travel and Expense system.
2 Responsible for strategizing, implementing and training of Concur Travel and Expense to the UMC community.  This includes: listening and customizing the product to fit each General Agency’s needs, development of instructor materials, participant materials as well as facilitation.  Training would include; classroom, one-on-one, phone and or through WebEx.  Training and assistance to be provided to colleagues and constituents on how to use the Concur Travel and Expense system while promoting a positive experience.
3 Work with the Travel and Meeting Manager in order to properly record travel and meeting expenses incurred during a given accounting period. Ability to reconcile general ledger accounts for the Travel and Meeting Department as well as coordinate with the Travel and Meeting Manager to ensure all ACH payments are properly recorded. Ability to create and record month-end accruals as well as respond to external auditor requests is essential.
4 Troubleshooting day to day Concur user issues in a timely and friendly manner.  Being able to quickly update profiles to solve changes needed and follow up with Concur on any system wide issues.
5 Understand, develop and implement electronic audit rules within Concur designed to detect or prevent expense processing errors, thereby helping users/customers to maintain compliance with GCFA’s Travel Policy and IRS regulations.
Major Accountabilities:
1 Serve as the main point of contact between the GCFA and all users enrolled in Concur Travel and Expense program.
2 Implement, train, enroll colleagues, troubleshooting and problem solve Concur Travel and Expense issues.  Work directly with Concur Technical team with any issues that arise and notify the Travel and Meeting Manager of any major issues.
3 Reconcile general ledger accounts for the Travel and Meeting Department weekly.  Prepare reports and supporting documentation to the Travel and Meetings Manager for all billing.
4 Process data extracts for the Concur Travel and Expense system and any additional reporting needed from Concur to the Finance Department.
5 Responsible for composing all training including:  instructor format, materials, and scheduling.
Job Standards:


What is the minimum level of formal education required?

Bachelor’s degree in related field; basic application of related principles and disciplines. Must have strong verbal and written communications skills with an excellent phone demeanor.

Other Specialized Knowledge

What other training and/or certification are necessary?

Web based Concur Travel and Expense administrating experience a MUST.  PC literate with strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.  Must have strong verbal and written communications skills with an excellent phone demeanor. Strong customer service, training and troubleshooting skills a MUST.


What kind and how much previous experience are needed?

Minimum of two years’ experience in a business environment with a basic knowledge of bookkeeping, accounting practices and Concur Travel and Expense Software.

Learning Period

How long would it take a new employee to learn the job?

Six months to learn the dynamics of GCFA Expense practices, policies, other agencies, Annual Conferences.   Three months to learn the backend part of Concur Software and departmental billing.  Six months to be the main go to person with all Concur Travel and Expense troubleshooting, questions and training.
Applicant Information:All resumes must be post marked by the closing date. Full time w/benefits Work Schedule: Monday – Friday  (36.25 hours per week)

Send cover letter and resume to:


Attn: Human ResourcesGCFA

P O Box 340029

Nashville, TN  37203-0029

Fax: (615) 369-2325


Closing Date:


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Perkins Seeks New Director for the Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Ministry Program & Regional Course of Study School

smu-campusDirector 3 (Director of the Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Ministry Program & Regional Course of Study School) – Date Posted: April 21, 2015 – Job ID#: 900766

Perkins School of Theology/Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Ministry Program and Regional Course of Study School

(Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications)

Job Summary:

This position reports to the Associate Dean for External Programs at Perkins School of Theology and will provide leadership for the following two programs: The Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Ministry Program (a program of Perkins School of Theology that serves the ministry and leadership needs primarily of United Methodist churches that are Hispanic or Latino/a in identity), and the Regional Course of Study School (a program of The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church, which provides basic theological education, prescribed by the church’s Book of Discipline, to licensed local pastors who were not enroll in a graduate-level seminary degree program for their theological studies.) [Read more…]

MARCHA anuncia Presentador Invitado para su Asamblea 2015

Amaury104/20/2015 En el día de hoy, MARCHA anunció al Rev. Dr. El Rev. Dr. Amaury Tañon-Santos como el presentador invitado para su Asamblea 2015. Según explicó el Obispo Elías Galván, director ejecutivo de MARCHA, “en los últimos años hemos visto un resurgimiento alarmante de racismo expresado en actos violentos y en el discurso público. Las recientes muertes de personas afroamericanas y latinas a manos de la policía, la cantidad desproporcionada de personas étnicas raciales en cárceles estatales y federales, las palabras con las cuales se define a las personas sin documentos, demanda de la iglesia un rol especial. Estamos conscientes que el futuro de nuestra sociedad es multicultural y multirracial. Lo mismo podemos decir del futuro de nuestra amada Iglesia Metodista Unida”.

“El Rev. Tañon Santos nos guiará en un dialogo acerca del papel de la iglesia hispan-latina dentro del contexto multicultural en la cual vivimos en busca de la equidad, la justicia y la paz para nuestra nación”, añadió en obispo Galván.

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MARCHA Youth 2015 – Offers Workshop on “Social Holiness”

hispanic-millenials-healthcareAs part of the 2015 Assembly MARCHA is offering a leadership development workshop specifically designed for youth attending the Annual Meeting. The goal of the workshop is to help youth develop skills and knowledge to make them more effective in their own ministry in their local churches and in their communities. The 2015 workshop follows the general theme of Social Holiness as Spiritual Discipline and connect with MARCHA’s role of advocacy on behalf of El Pueblo Hispano/Latino. All the youth are welcome to attend. The workshop will take place from Wednesday August 12 at 9am, to Thursday August 13 at 10:30am. [Read more…]

Ways for your church to end family detention!

Excelente recurso de abogacía en favor de la comunidad migrante encarcelada!






MARCHA Estrena Nuevo Portal en la Internet

NewWebsite4/3/2015 – En el día de hoy MARCHA, el caucus hispano/latino de la Iglesia Metodista Unida lanzó su nuevo portal en la internet La nueva versión del portal, el cual utiliza la plataforma de Word Press y Genesis, contiene un diseño fresco y fácil de navegar. Además, provee nueva funcionabilidad como blogs, formas interactivas y nuevas capacidades de expansión. “Luego de 2 meses de trabajo, nos sentimos muy satisfechos con este avance que nos permitirá fortalecer nuestra presencia en la internet y mejorar nuestra conexión con el pueblo hispano/latino. [Read more…]

CIEMAL repudia actos de violencia en contra de la niñez en Pakistan

En estos días nos ha conmocionado la noticia del asesinato de 132 niños en Peshawar, Pakistán. Como Iglesias Metodistas de América Latina condenamos esta irracional violencia que no hace más que contribuir a que crezca el espiral de la violencia, el odio y la intolerancia. Afirmamos que toda diferencia entre sectores sociales debe ser resuelta por el diálogo de las partes en conflicto, actitud que conduce a preservar la paz y la vida, y en última instancia a logra la convivencia sana a que toda persona aspira. [Read more…]

MARCHA’s Statement on the Recent Grand Juries Decisions

“How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality . . .give justice to the weak and the orphan, maintain the right of the lowly and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy . . .” (Psalm 82:2-4)
MARCHA, Methodist Associated Representing the Cause of Hispanic American, sees with great concern, righteous indignation, and alarm the recent decisions of grand juries in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Great Concern. The recent cases highlighted in the news, are two more examples of the unequal application of justice in our nation, and the apparent lack of accountability and transparency of the mistreatment and unnecessary force, with tragic consequences, used by police against people of color. [Read more…]

Cumbre Iberoamericana sobre el tema de Migración

Durante los días del 18 al 20 de noviembre de 2014, líderes de las iglesias Metodistas de Centro América y México se reunieron en una Cumbre Iberoamericana para explorar maneras en las que las iglesias en Centro América pueden acompañar al pueblo inmigrante durante su largo viaje. El evento fue auspiciado por la Junta de Ministerios Globales y el Plan Nacional de Ministerio Hispanos-Latinos. Antes de finalizar el evento, los presentes redactaron una carta que refleja las intenciones del grupo. MARCHA, como miembro del Comité Inter Agencia de la Iglesia Metodista Unida, celebra y respalda esta iniciativa en favor del pueblo migrante.

MARCHA Applauds President’s Obama Executive Action on Immigration

MARCHA (Methodists Associated Representing the Cause of Hispanic Americans) commends President Barack Obama for his long awaited executive decision to act on immigration. We rejoice that about 5 million undocumented persons will temporarily benefit from the President’s action. They will be able to put aside their fear of apprehension and deportation, and most important they will remain with their children in the US. We also celebrate President Obama’s decision to suspend the Secure Communities Program, a policy that has created so much pain among undocumented persons, and communities in general, separating families, and that was misused by law enforcement officials who criminalized persons for minor infractions and lacking proper documentation.

We remain concerned that millions of hard working persons are being excluded from these actions, like parents of Dreamers, farm workers, and the children and families from Central America who fled their countries due to the increased violence by organized crime. Children, as young as eight years of age, are being recruited by the gangs (maras) coopted by the narco-traffic networks that have developed in Honduras, El Salvador Guatemala and Mexico.

We are keenly aware that the US immigration system is broken and requires a comprehensive reform that is fair just, fair, based on high ethical and moral principles and provides a path for citizenship. A reform that the US Congress has been unable or unwilling to accomplish. This is a human rights issue. MARCHA is committed to continue to work and advocate before Congress until this kind of reform is achieved and invites all United Methodists and other people of faith to join us in this important cause.

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